Adham Abdelmoneim


'The Sultan' Adham Abdelmoneim (b. 1996, Cairo, Egypt) has admired fine art, foods and wine since his early childhood. Surrounded by artists, actors and poets, he has brought together his life experiences into his works. His first exhibition in Cairo in 2020 sold-out in three days and the artist's works are held in numerous reputable private collections across Europe and the Middle East. After graduating from the European University of Geneva in 2019, Abdelmoneim began painting from his home-studio. What initially commenced as a creative pursuit to express his feelings and life experiences, during lockdown, later evolved into a fully fledged artistic career. It comes with no surprise that Abdelmoneim would eventually find a calling in art, as the creative spark runs through his family; most notably his grandparents actress, Mimi Gamal and actor, Hassan Mostafa, who are highly celebrated in Egypt.


Abdelmoneim's oeuvre draws inspiration from life's greatest creator - nature. He combines natural forms from the Earth with thoughts and ideas that frequent his mind. The result of this process is an amalgam of natural subjects and expressive shapes, usually conducted in acrylic markers.