Jake-Andrew Nason


Jake-Andrew Nason is a multidisciplinary artist and experimental musician with synaesthesia. The artist's practice is centered around the way the mind can perceive audio stimulus as color, texture, shape and movement. Exploring sensory perception, Nason documents the emotional and physical response to the relationships that exist between color and sound, and how they can reflect the minutiae and melancholia of the human condition through gestural abstraction and introspective layering.


​Working between London and Norwich, the artist has exhibited internationally and is known for both his physical canvas artworks and highly sought after NFT's. Knownorigin.io, a leading artist management platform in the NFT-space has curated several innovative exhibitions which invite audiences to explore a physical manifestation of an immersion within sound and color, where the two can exist in harmony, if only for a little while. These exhibitions welcome them to question their own sensory perception and how they process what it means to exist in today's turbulent society.


We all have a relationship with color and sound and Nason's oeuvre exists as an expressive, physical performance that allows him to create projected installation environments.