The dialogue between tradition and modernity in the works of Nic Fiddian-Green (b. 1963) has shaped landscapes across the world, from Hyde Park Corner to Umbria’s Castello Di Reschio. A graduate of the Chelsea College of Art, Fiddian-Green’s self-described “obsession” with the figure of the horse- from classical sculpture to the modern racecourse, evokes a range of artistic traditions, contained and balanced within monumental installations that exude a mystical calm. Vast bronze statues- created with the traditional ‘lost wax’ technique, in the artist’s Surrey studio- speak not only to early inspiration from the equine sculpture of the Parthenon, but to the displaced temporality of modernist and cubist sculpture. Fiddian-Green’s works create a powerful sense of both intimacy and awe, familiarity and unsettlement, inviting the viewer to participate in an almost spiritual encounter of time and identity.