Morten Rockford Ravn


Morten Rockford Ravn (b. 1987) is a Danish artist whose multidisciplinary works explore unsettled perceptions of reality in the intersecting physical, digital, and virtual landscapes of the twenty-first century. Ravn suggests that in light of “growing worry in regards to virtual reality, as technology grows at an exponential rate, moral questions arise so complex that nobody is able to provide adequate solutions. This is where art comes into the picture and gives us a way to explore complexity that goes beyond our own understanding”.

Ravn’s work, which spans painting, photography, and digital art, is unified by its black and white colour palette, an artistic decision intended to create distance from what he terms “vulgar Times Square consumer frenzy Jeff Koons balloon dog madness”.

The psychological aspect which Ravn ascribes to his limited chromatic range reflects his interest in connecting the aesthetic and metaphysical dimensions of art and of modern life. Alongside Nikoline Henningsen, Ravn is also half of the design duo Lumière Bricoleur, which creates works of ‘sustainable bricolage’ from salvaged elements such as copper sourced from the streets and scrapyards of Copenhagen. Ravn’s work has been featured on BBC Radio, and in Wallpaper*, Art Reveal, and VICE magazines.


Morten Rockford Ravn (b. 1987) was born in Copenhagen, and was formerly a professional poker player. Working in mediums ranging from painting and photography to sculpture and digital art, Ravn explores tensions between the real and the simulated in the modern age, commenting on the fallibility of perception, and changing perspectives of the natural and the alien. In 2015, the year of his professional debut, Raven had solo exhibitions at the Sct. Gertruds Kloster, D21 Showroom, and Emil Monty Freddie’s Atelier galleries in Copenhagen. The following year, in addition to a further Copenhagen show at Ernst & Young, he began exhibiting internationally, with ‘Fear and Loathing in GTA V’ at Galeria Steiner in Berlin. the following year. His work has also been seen in group exhibitions from the CICA Museum in Gimpo-Si, South Korea (2017), to the Science Gallery in Dublin (2018), and London’s Karnik Gallery (2019).