12 Hay Hill

Karnik Gallery has been appointed to curate the display of artworks spanning six floors at 12 Hay Hill, London’s luxury business club for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and innovators, whose diverse professional community ranges from finance to fashion. 


The first selection of 16 works is on show on the ground floor of the smart Mayfair venue until the end of February 2021. The display combines figurative, natural forms with the geometric and the abstract. Diverse perspectives on the female figure range from Lino Lago’s contemporary twists on classic portraiture to Jess Cochrane’s reflections on beauty, insecurity and consumerism. The use of colour in Kate Dunn’s vibrant vision of spiritual experiences contrasts with the monochromatic palette of Morten Rockford Ravn’s black and white acrylic painting. Abstract, geometric shapes like those of Stephen Ormandy’s oil paintings are complemented by a Danish op art tapestry produced in the 1970s.


Further works curated by Keshishian and Nicholls will continue to go on display at 12 Hay Hill over the course of 2021. Visits can be arranged by appointment. Please contact: